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Portugal – An opportunity to study and settle in a country with a great culture

Portugal is a region in southwestern Europe, belonging to Iberian Peninsula. Although it is a small country with a relatively modest area, the community of people living here has a long history, forming a special system of history and culture. With its stable economy and politics, Portugal has made strong strides in many areas, especially the strong reforms in the education.

The choice of studying in Portugal in recent years has been of great interest to many families because of their beneficial characteristics.

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1. Portuguese education system

With a long history of development, it is not uncommon for Portugal to be one of the countries with a long history of development in Europe. Portugal also owns a system of universities and institutes of education which have long histories, some of which were built in the 13th century.
In terms of the educational system of Portugal, there are not many different levels of education from kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools and universities. However, every elementary level of Portuguese, from primary to high schools, is totally free.

Higher education program
Higher education program

Without many differences, Portugal’s education also includes bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, which apply to all Portuguese universities. Quite similar to Vietnam, in order to enter the University program, students also have to undergo entrance examination for the Ministry of Education University of Portugal called “Direcção Geral do Ensino Superior”.

For citizens of countries in the European Union and other countries, if they wish to study for a university or higher of Portugal, they must submit an application for national entrance examination for the university, Or submit an online application to the Portuguese Ministry of Higher Education from July. Simultaneously, they have to present equivalent high school diplomas or university degrees in their home country.

The education system of each country has different study programs and degrees. Therefore, in order to confirm that your qualification will eligible to enter the entrance exam, you can contact:

CIREP Department or DGIDC of the Portuguese Ministry of Education, in Lisbon. (for basic education).

NARIC Portugal with relevant University degrees.

2. Reasons to choose to study in Portugal:

There many prestigious universities

Portugese universities are always highly regarded for their quality of education and reputation, which is confirmed by the educational rankings of Europe and the world. The 5 best universities in Portugal also regularly participate in the top 200 universities in the world.

The most prestigious universities in Portugal are: NOVA de Lisboa University, Coimbra University, Porto University, Católica Portuguesa University (UCP).
The most prestigious universities in Portugal are: NOVA de Lisboa University, Coimbra University, Porto University, Católica Portuguesa University (UCP).

Affordable tuition fee and low cost of living

The cost of studying in Portugal is not high and you can choose a school that suits your financial well-being and your family. Portugal is also considered to be the cheapest city in Europe, including the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, which has reasonable cost of livings.

Language diversity

Although the main language of the country is Portuguese, people can also use foreign languages such as English, Spanish … and you can easily integrate into life here.

International students can also choose to study in English and learn Portuguese while studying, to integrate into their lives, to have a chance to develop their career and settle down.

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