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Little- known things about Portugal

Portugal is the oldest ethnic country in Europe and is home to the world’s oldest bookstorePortugal is the first country in Europe to drink tea. It can be said that Portugal plays a major role in “promoting” this drink to other locations along its trade routes in the 16th century.

Portugal is the oldest ethnic country in Europe. It is known that the Portuguese capital of Lisbon has existed before the Italian capital of Rome for about 4 centuries.

Bertrand, the oldest bookstore in the world, is located in Portugal. The bookstore was destroyed in an earthquake in 1755 but was moved to another location in 1773 and still exists today.

The town of Sintra with windswept arches, palaces in the mountains with excellent climate … is one of the attractive destinations in this European country.

On the night of 23 June, the Portuguese often pour into the streets to participate in Sao Joao festival. In this festival, people throw plastic hammers or garlands of garlic at the people they like.

Sao Bento Station was once a Benedictine monastery. This monastery was built in the 16thcentury but was damaged in a fire in 1783. Later, the monastery was rebuilt and turned into a bus station as it is today.

In November 2011, surfing athlete Garrett McNamara was recorded by the record books as the “surfer” the largest wave in the world. Garrett conquered a wave as high as 23.77 meters in Nazareth, Portugal.

Many people think that tempura is a dish that originated in Asia. However, the Portuguese say that this dish really comes from their country. (Photo Source: Business Insider)

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