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Arriving in Porto – a beautiful port city of Portugal

Arriving in Portugal, the first address of visitors is usually the capital of Lisbon, followed by Porto city, home of the famous wine.


Coming to Porto, visitors will be able to explore the beauty of the harbor city with the intact medieval architecture from the river’s edge and to rivet bridges horny above head, which was designed by Eiffel –a famous architect and his partners.


The Ponte Luis Bridge, the symbol of Porto, connects the two banks of the Douro River.  Please walk through the bridge, stand at a height of 46.5 m on the river in the afternoon light, sometimes stop to watch the ships swept back, watching the boatload of wine grappling, splashing into the wonderful scenery here.


The old town is located in the Douro Basin. Porto Center is planned on the two sides of the river in the V shape. Traditional houses here are built close along the hillside, as if sticking to it, creating a characteristic beauty. Each house in the Old Quarter has existed for hundreds of years, but the architecture is very different.


Being an industrial city, Porto is known for its charming scenery, hilly mountains, long rivers, sea side by side, beautifully landscaped bungalows on the slopes, fine cuisine and Diverse, friendly people, close lifestyle like Vietnamese style, and especially the very reasonable service price.


The ancient city shimmering in the dark makes visitors immersed in the scene, in shock drunk yeast.


Luxurious and ancient as Baroque style, hundreds of years old houses are well preserved. Squares, alleys and streets are bricked with mosaic marbles which are very special and easy to attract the eye of the viewer.


Porto lighthouse is one of the 25 most unique lighthouses in the world, surviving through war and turbulent sea.


About 97% of Portuguese Catholics are Roman Catholics. The church is where people often go to pray, is also where visitors come to admire the magnificent ancient architecture.


Being the second largest economic center of Portugal with modern public buildings, the city still retains the ancient and peaceful characteristics.


Portugal – the country of Southern Europe always has a special charm with history – loving guests because of its ancient and ancient beauty. The country has a history of heroism, war on the waves, discovering new lands.


Porto is a busy and bustling city, also known for its wine production. Coming to Porto, please walk through the streets, watch the cafes close together and find yourself a beautiful location to sip a glass of wine while watching the city.

 (According to Zing.vn)

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