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10 must taste foods in Portugal

1. Alheira de Mirandela

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Alheira is the word for chicken sausages – one of the cheapest and most popular dishes in Portugal. Alheira was born when the Jewish community was expelled in 1948. Many of them hid in the mountains of Tras-os-Montes, in the north-eastern part of Portugal. In order to maintain their faith and life, the Jews had to pretend to convert to Catholicism. One of the ways to hide it was to process, sell and eat chicken sausages to make people believe that they had broken the Kosher rules (a very abstinent and complicated diet of the Jewish people). Today, this dish is still available at any street corner, but is particularly good at Cervejaria Bota Velha, a small restaurant with the best sausage appetizers in Lisbon.

2. Arroz de Tamboril

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Tamboril is the name of the Red-eyed carp in Portuguese. Red-eyed carp is not as popular with cod but is one of the specialties sold on the coast. Red-eyed carp is cooked with cinnamon, garlic, tomato and rice, much like the risotto (an Italian dish of rice risotto cooked in fish sauce, meat and ice cream). Due to the use of rice, this dish is also known as Red-eyed carp with rice (arroz de tam boril). Cacarola 1, in Figueira da Foz – a coastal village, 10 miles from Coimbra, is home to the best Arroz de Tanboril area.

3. Bacalhau

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Cod or bacalhau in Portuguese is more than a traditional fish dish, it is a national feature. This dish even has its own “nickname” – “loyal friend”, and is consumed at Christmas. There are 100 different recipes and versions, but Bacalhau à Bras is the most popular version. Bacalhau à Bras is a mixture of onions, potatoes, olives, parsley, eggs and of course cod. Laurentina in Lisbon, which specializes in cod, was established in 1976, is one of the best Bacalhau à Bras.

4. Caldeirada de Enguias

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Aveiro, located between Porto and Coimbra, is extremely popular with grilled eel and eel soup. Fishermen in the waters of Murtosa and Torreira (outside Aveiro) often eel eel with saffron and eat bell peppers. This eel is better when served with Bairrada white wine. The great place to enjoy Calderirada is Bastos, a restaurant on the shores of Torreira, about 5 miles from Aveiro.

5. Cataplana de Marisco

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Cataplana is a stewed seafood dish cooked in a double-sided dish, served with rice or French fries. Algarve residents often make this dish, but the Porto Brandão fishing village is the place with the best Cataplana. Visitors can come there by car but local people can take visitors by ferry. No specific address, all places with good Cataplana are located in the area of Porto Brandão, visitors can choose any restaurants they want. In addition to fresh food, enjoying the scenery as you skip Lisbon is a memorable experience.

6. Francesinha

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Francesinha is a typical dish of the city of Porto (Portugal). This dish consists of two slices of grilled steak, salted bacon, sausage and spicy sausage, covered with Edam (Holland) melted and sprinkled on a mixture of chili, tomato sauce sour. Francesinha is served with French fries and may be accompanied by a fried egg. The great place to enjoy this large and well-stocked dish is the Francesinha Café, which is voted by francesinha’s best frieshinha.

7. Porco Preto

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Porco Preto or black pig, Iberian. Porco Preto is usually stocked in the center and south of Portugal and Spain. In Spanish, this black pig is called Pata negra and is one of the most expensive meat in the world. Pata negra is salt and smoked secret formula makes them have special smoked taste. A slice of pata negra is usually served with salad and French fries. Many of these pig farms are located in Alentejo, south of Portugal and that is where visitors can find a restaurant to enjoy this traditional dish. In Évora, Vinho e Noz is an option to try.

8. Polvo à Lagareiro

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Portuguese cuisine is famous for its seafood processed in the simplest way. This method requires fresh fish to be baked directly on small fire before serving with lemon and rosemary. This is one of the best Portuguese dishes. From time to time, a little modern kitchen technique is applied. For example, with Polvo à lagareiro, this dish consists of a boiled octopus, which is then turned in the oven with lots of garlic and olive oil. Any city in Portugal has this popular dish, but the best option is A Tasquinha in Nazaré, a beautiful seaside village, 75 miles north of Lisbon.

9. Posta Mirandesa

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Posta Mirandesa is a Portuguese-inspired dish based on a blend of French steak and Italian Fiorentina steak. Posta Mirandesa is simply a thick steak cooked on fire. The secret to make this dish special is the beef derived from the grazing farms in Mirandesa. The cows at these farms are native to the Trás-Montes region and are only found in Portugal. O Mirandês in Miranda by Douro, the place offers the best Posta Mirandesa.

10.Sopa de Cação

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In Portuguese, sharks are called tubarão, but when they are placed on the table, the name is changed to cação. Fish is marinated in coriander, lemon, garlic before cooking into soup. This soup is usually served with bread or a cornstarch called broccoli. Cais da Estação in Sines, located on the coast of Alentejo, is a restaurant with Sopa de Cação prepared by skilled chefs.

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