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Special Chocolate Festival in Portugal

The 16th International Chocolate Festival in Obidos, a beautiful village in western Portugal, is attracting thousands of tourists around the world.


In Obidos, a beautiful village in western Portugal, is hosting the 16th International Chocolate Festival, attracting thousands of tourists to come here to enjoy not only its delicious creations but also to bring meaningful messages.

Taking place from February 23rd to March 18th, the festival is the annual event of the village of Obidos dating from 2002 attracting visitors at many age ranges. At this event, visitors can enjoy a variety of leisure activities such as visiting famous chefs’ cheesecake or directly to the kitchen to create their own chocolate tasting or trying out a range of creative products beyond imagination like spaghetti or pizza made entirely from chocolate.

One product that visitors to Obidos have to taste is ginja, a famous cherry wine of the town, contained in cups made of chocolate. This is a way that local people have come up with a way to celebrate the chocolate festival after the festival began in 2002. Today, this product has become a feature of Obidos.

Another highlight at this year’s festival is the bonbon candy named “Obidos pearl” with candy gum made from a mixture of egg yolk and sugar. Meanwhile, LX Beers beer, a famous Portuguese brand, has introduced a special beer called Choco Late especially for this year’s festival.

However, for many visitors, the highlight of the festival in Obidos will be visiting the “workshop” producing chocolate statues of Brazilian chef , Abner Ivan. Chocolate statue activity has become the annual event of the Festival since 2012 with a theme each year.

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Based on this year’s theme of climate change, Ivan has created creative figures such as the image of the Statue of Liberty of the United States half flooded or a picture of an emission- discharging factory is fusing the Earth.

Obidos, a beautiful village 85 km north of Lisbon, is a popular tourist destination in Portugal with activities and events held throughout the year, including themed fairs and book festivals. However, the International Chocolate Festival is the most famous event.

 (According to Bnews)

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